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Discover the transformative power of AI for today’s warfighters. Unlock insights, awareness, and decision-making superiority with our high-performing AI solutions tailored to your rigorous requirements. Join us in exploring defense and national security technology.

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Elite Flight™

AI-driven platform analyzing behavioral, health, and cognition factors to optimize aircrew performance and safety.

  • Holistic view of aircrew performance
  • Advanced AI models for insights and risk mitigation
  • DoD grade security for data protection


User-friendly application offering real-time situational awareness, accurate threat assessments, and optimal routes.

  • Seamless integration with Army systems
  • Real-time updates and situational awareness
  • Outperforms soldiers in threat prediction and route identification


Cloud-based platform empowering users with control over software systems, app management, and rapid service integration.

  • Intuitive interface for OMS third-party applications
  • Rapid deployment in an IA-approved environment
  • Aligned with DoD’s open architecture environments


Empowering Industries with Cutting-Edge Solutions

At Cenith, we excel in providing unparalleled solutions across aerospace, defense, intelligence, and commercial sectors. By harnessing our technical expertise and industry know-how, we ensure that mediocrity has no place in our offerings. Let us help you redefine success with our innovative approach.

Full Stack Development

Harness the power of modern DevSecOps with our Agile, low-risk software capabilities for on-premise, cloud, or tactical edge solutions.

Applied AI & Machine Learning

Unlock the potential of AI/ML with our intuitive solutions spanning computer vision, reinforcement learning, and data science disciplines.

Product Management

Experience user-centric design and exceed expectations with our blend of intelligence, defense, and industry expertise in UI/UX and product management.

Systems Engineering

Navigate the Defense Acquisition Lifecycle seamlessly with our tailored engineering services, open systems, and interface designs.

Geospatial Intelligence Analysis

Transform data into actionable insights with our experts in GIS, remote sensing, and imagery, using state-of-the-art methodologies.

Program Management

Achieve your goals through integrated contract, schedule, risk, and stakeholder management, combined with traditional program management and Agile principles.

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Cenith delivers data-driven, tailored solutions for complex defense and commercial needs. Our strategic expertise and focus on customer success have generated millions in savings since 2019. Partner with us to elevate your organization and drive industry disruption.


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Proudly awarded 6 prestigious contracts in CY2022 alone, showcasing our expertise and commitment to exceptional results.


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Achieved outstanding annual revenue growth, a testament to our client trust and unwavering dedication.

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