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From KRIS PRUITT, ceo & Co-founder

We hear the warfighter’s call for modernization because we were the warfighter

I’d seen the power of modern technology in my everyday life, from smart cars, to watches, phones, and homes, and wondered why that same level of technology was simply missing from the hands of the warfighter, where the consequences of bad tech are much more profound. I started Cenith to change that. I saw the need to build really good capabilities for the warfighter and make it work in their lives on the battlefield.

Our History

A Story of Beer, Friendship, and Innovation

In truth, Cenith Innovations wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for a shared love of “lawn beers” between two families in California. “Do you want me to make us some new friends?” Kris asked his wife Ginny as he walked out the front door holding two beers. Little did they know, they had found the key to their new neighbor’s heart and the bond between the two families led to the birth and success of the company.

After witnessing firsthand the bureaucratic processes and outdated systems hindering progress in government during his time at the Pentagon, Kris knew he couldn’t settle for the typical post-pilot career path of flying for an airline. Seeking to make a real difference, he turned to his friend Bryan, an experienced expert in the Agile processes of Silicon Valley. Together, they brainstormed ways to break through old ways of thinking and make a lasting impact in government modernization during Kris’s remaining time at the Pentagon.

By The Numbers

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Get to know the key leaders who drive our company’s success and inspire our team.

Kris Pruitt - Founder & CEO

  • 11+ years USAF Active Duty. U-2 and T-38 Instructor & Evaluator Pilot. Tactics officer. U-2 FAM on Air Staff.
  • Expert system and system-of-systems integrator with deep operational knowledge.
  • Expert DoD strategist for modernization efforts including Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance developments of the Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS).
  • Extensive experience managing policy and cutting through red tape.

Bryan O'Rourke - Founder & CTO

  • Over 10 years experience integrating and developing Machine Learning algorithms.
  • Applied use of Artificial Intelligence technologies as a lead engineer for programs procured by the U.S. Air Force.
  • Proven experience building and leading engineering teams developing complex software applications requiring the latest deployment strategies.

Philip Nauman - Chief Strategy Officer

  • 14+ years USAF Active Duty. U-2S and TU-2S Instructor & Evaluator Pilot. U-2 Program Element Monitor on Air Staff
  • Expert in DoD Budgeting, the Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution process, and the Air Force Corporate Structure.
  • Proven experience developing short and long-term company strategy, business development, and commercialization within a variety of Defense & IC sectors.
  • Proven expertise in the application of rapid acquisition and payload integration for various efforts within the IC

Ginny Pruitt, PHD - COO & Director of Research

  • Ph.D. from University of Arizona as a National Science Foundation fellow.
  • Led interdisciplinary research teams and published research in multiple peer-reviewed journals.
  • Expert at applying research techniques to evaluate problems and analyzing results to guide evidence-based decision-making.

Cameron Barton - Chief Product Officer

  • Over 10 years experience leading and individually contributing on projects as a Product Management Leader.
  • Successful experience on complex technical products in the fields of marketing, telecommunications, eCommerce and operational workflow applications.
  • Expert in user experience and user interface design.

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