The Future of Breaching: Introducing Path™

Smarter, Safer, Stronger: Maximize Your Situational Awareness with Path™

Path arms the newest leaders and greenest Soldiers with the deductive reasoning of seasoned veterans, plus the predictive power of advanced AI, for successful breaching operations.

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Real-time situational awareness

Path provides real-time updates and a comprehensive view of the battlespace in seconds. Our application arms the advancing force with turn-by-turn navigation at the touch of their fingers, giving them the situational awareness needed to execute their mission safely and effectively.

  • Get a comprehensive view of the battlespace in seconds with built-in AI models that reveal threats, accurate ways to employ munitions, and optimal pathways.
  • Turn-by-turn navigation at the touch of a finger with a Google Maps-like application.
  • Integrated with Army systems for seamless information flow and real-time updates.

Predictive technology for improved efficiency and safety

Path’s built-in AI models reveal threats, provide accurate ways to employ munitions against them, and identify the optimal route. Our advanced technology enables expeditious and efficient breaching, keeping valuable munitions available for future conflicts and reducing casualties.

  • Outperform Soldiers at predicting the location of undetected threats and identifying the optimal route.
  • AI-powered navigation agents minimize exposure to risk and the need for munition deployments, keeping valuable munitions available for future conflicts.
  • Plans can be communicated to advancing forces using concise, reliable digital tools with a user experience familiar to every Soldier.

Insight into global trends in mine usage

Path provides leadership with intel on global trends in mine usage, enabling them to direct the development of future countermining strategies. Our technology gives you the edge you need to stay ahead of evolving threats and protect your forces.

  • Gain intel to direct the development of future countermining strategies with detailed analysis of mine usage trends.
  • Path offers an innovative solution that uses bleeding-edge AI technology to improve not only Soldier’s morale, efficacy, and survival but also has broad impacts for the future of defense as a whole by bringing clarity to the battlespace.

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